About Us

More Than More is just that…more.  Since the inception of our film, More Than A Drive, that showcases everything that is the VW/Audi community, including the Leavenworth Drive in all its glory, our minds have been running rampant with ideas and campaigns that could potentially sweep the community.  While the film is still underway, with advances being made everyday, we’ve also developed something more.

Our goal is something that’s not unlike Manifest Destiny—in a sense that we intend to sweep the country, community, and world as a whole off their feet.

More Than More will prove to be a valuable resource amongst car enthusiasts as the leading producer of artistic and creative goods, as well as the many typical things you see on a daily basis within the car community.

There’s so much more to this community than most of its members notice or appreciate, and we intend to do anything and everything we can in a fashionable and classy manner, to maintain the focus on what’s truly important—the people, community, and cars within it.